Fashion is what you buy, style is what you deserve. We believe that it is important for people to know the difference between these two and to use styling in a manner that not only improves one’s look, but also makes him feel empowered and confident. This is why, in 2016, Bienmode was founded. With a team of fashion experts, marketing specialists and creative people that continually gave their best to Bienmode, this styling company rapidly grew into a glamorous, open-minded and successful business.

All of this started because one person saw the needs of the customers and made it a goal for him to create something better, to improve the quality of styling and to show everybody that fashion is more than it looks. Surbhi Singh is the director of the company, she is the one that built this from scratch and brought together all these wonderful ideas in one big, comprehensive journey called Bienmode. Prashant Singh, the cofounder of the company, understood this vision and helped creating all the features and services that are now offered by Bienmode. These two together are like a secret recipe for success and one thing is sure: they couldn’t have done it one without the other.

The notion of professional styling has always been associated with a premium or luxury service. This is why people tend to see it as something fancy and dismiss it. Bienmode wants to dissemble this idea by giving the customers the quality of a luxury service that is accessible to anybody. Our mission is to resolve all of the styling queries that normal people have and to deliver a great fashion experience. We think everybody is entitled to have a personal stylist that will help them reconsider their opinion and views on styling.

After putting a great deal of thought into it, our team came up with a couple of services that seek to deal with all the styling needs of the customers: online styling, personal stylist, wedding styling , celebrity styling, wardrobe makeover and catalogue/editorial shoots.

  • For times when you need someone to guide you through your shopping, we give you a personal stylist. Make an appointment and a Bienmode fashion specialist will help you find exactly what you need. He or she will be your guide while also make you feel like you are casually shopping with your best friend. The advantage is that this best friend knows a lot of deal about clothes, fabrics, patterns and body shapes.
  • Our special feature gives you the opportunity to hire one or more styling specialist to guide you through your photoshooting. They will help you not only with the outfits, but also with the accessories, make-up and posture.

Our Services