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Sizzling Look in Kurta

Tips to Help You Sizzle in a Kurta

Love kurtas but don’t quite know how to turn up the heat in one? Not to worry. We show you how to sizzle in these stylish, timeless picks. You’ll never look at them the same way again!

Go with a Pair of Palazzos

Kurtas+palazzos make for a terrific combo that can even double up as formal wear. Add heels to the mix and you’re set!

Formal Wear


Formal Look


Rip Into Well-loved Jeans

Give kurtas an edgy vibe by pairing them with skinny ripped jeans. Slip on strappy heels or go with flat shoes.

Kurta with Jeans

Skinny Ripped Jeans


Turn it into a Dress

Kurtas look stunning as dresses. One of the new fashion trends is to team them with gladiators for a boho touch.


Short is Hot and Very in

If you’re not afraid to experiment, choose kurtas with long side slits and wear them with short shorts and denim cut-offs.

Short is Hot


Go Sheer or Go Home

Sheer kurtas are chic and sexy. Wear them with leggings or dhoti pants and a pair of kolhapuris or heeled pumps.

Sheer kurtas


Exude Style with Kurtas and Skirts

Few combos are as gorgeous as kurtas worn with skirts. Choose a flowing ankle-length skirt and an asymmetric or slit kurta.

Exude Style

Kurtas and Skirts


Style Hacks at Workout

Hacks for a Summer Bod Minus the Workout

Summer’s almost here and it’s time to show off your figure. But if washboard abs and a pert behind aren’t exactly what you’re blessed with, you need to know how to fake it. Here’s some instant advice!

Have Fun and Work Out with Dancing

It’s not all about treadmills; up-tempo dancing for 5 hours every week can help tone your body and lose weight.

Work Out with Dancing

Tempo Dancing


Take a Hike – Quite Literally!

Walking over different elevations for a couple of hours helps shed the pounds and helps you bond with your hiking partner/partners.

Take A Hike


Take the Clichéd Brisk Walk

You’ve heard this a dozen times but it really helps! Go for a brisk walk of 30 minutes each day.

Brisk Walk


Get Down and Clean House

Housework is a bore but it can get your calories burning. Sweep, mop, dust and do the laundry to tone up.

Technique for Brisk Walk


Eat Healthy

There’s no use working your butt off if you’re gorging on calorie bombs. Have more whole grains, greens, veggies and fruits.

Eat Healthy


Yoga Isn’t Just for Yogis

People of all ages and body sizes can do yoga. Enrol with a qualified teacher who can tailor a plan.



How to Shine in Formal Wear

How to Shine at Boring Board Meetings in Formal Wear

0to help you make the right impression.

Don’t go OTT on Colour

You may be a fan of bright pink but leave it out of the workplace. A neutral colour palette is it.

Formal Wear

Neutral Colour Palette

If it Doesn’t Fit, Ditch it!

Clothes should always fit but more so for formal wear. No too-long hemlines and too-loose jackets, please!

Office Wear

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Sneakers and flip-flops may be super-comfy but they don’t exactly scream smart. Choose pumps, peep-toes and slip-ons instead.

Peep Toes Footwear

Choose Classy Over Sexy

Low-cut and backless tops may help you sizzle but save them for nights out. Choose formal shirts and tops with modest necklines.

Formal Shirt Look

Of Herringbone and Houndstooth

Bold patterns are a no-no but if you want something more exciting than colour-blocks, opt for classic patterns like herringbone and houndstooth.

 Herringbone Look

houndstooth Look

Guys Can Rock Jewellery Too

Guys can Rock Jewellery Too and Here’s How



Before you take the ‘WRONG TURN’, read below:


Jewellery + women is an equation we’re all familiar with. But, guys can easily rock it too. In fact, you can look totally on-point without forsaking your manliness. We show you how to wear it with these simple tips.

 Guys Jewellery



Two Metals are a No-go

Whether it’s gold or silver, keep your jewellery limited to just one metal. Combining options is tacky and an eye-sore.

Metal Jewellery for Guys


Simple Spells Classy

Leave fancy jewellery to the silver screen or fashion mags. Keep things simple with a metallic watch or a silver chain.

Simple Jewellery


Small is Cool, Big is Not!

Choose small items like ring bands, cufflinks and tie clips. Following the latest trends shouldn’t mean standing out in a tasteless way!

Latest Trends

Latest Trends


Occasion Matters

If you’re confused what to wear jewellery with, pair it with ethnic wear and formals on special occasions.

Ethnic Look


Make a Statement the Right Way

Sure, statement pieces catch the eye but they can be too much. Instead of chunky jewellery, choose items with slimmer, sleeker lines.

statement pieces

Make a Statement

Easy Peasy Make up Hacks

Show Off Your Cheekbones with Easy-peasy Makeup Hacks

Killer cheekbones are oh-so-enviable and models just seem to be born with them. Right? Wrong! Anyone can flaunt gorgeous cheekbones with a little cheat sheet. Check out these super simple hacks to get yours in a matter of minutes!



  • Lay a Foundation


Foundation is a must if you want your makeup to set right. Here are a few ways to make it easy for you:

Makeup Base



  • Contour it the Right Way


Contour right under your cheekbones with an angled contour brush or a damp makeup sponge. The contour colour should be 2 shades darker than your foundation. Work it into your skin and upwards towards your temples so that there are no visible lines.

Contour it the Right Way


Puff Up with Powder

Make cheekbones pop by applying loose translucent powder along your jawline and near your temples.

Puff Up with Powder


A Touch of Bronze

Apply a touch of bronzer on your temples, cheekbones and jawline. Think of point number ‘3’ to create three gorgeous bronzed points. As with contouring, you want to work the product into your skin so that there aren’t any harsh lines.

A Touch of Bronze


Give Final Touches

Highlight the tops of your cheeks with a highlighter and apply a concealer, that’s a shade or two lighter than your foundation, under your eyes to make cheekbones stand out even more.

Final Touches


Now you are all set to star in someone’s dream!

you are all set

Kurta in Summer Wedding

How to Rock Kurtas in Summer Weddings?

Summer weddings call for cool, sharp outfits and nothing does the job better than kurtas! Check out these trendy ways to rule in one.


  1. Befriend Minimalism in the Right Manner

Keep things understated and sophisticated with kurtas in neutral colours and pair them with ethnic bottoms and trousers in the same colour palette.

same colour palette



  1. Come, Fall in Love with Drapes

Need something more dramatic? Drape kurtas are it! They can be draped from the shoulders down or feature pleats cascading from the waist.

Drape KurtasLove with Drapes


Drape Kurtas

  1. Layer it Up All the Way

Add layers with sharply cut jackets in a Nehru or western style.Add Layers


Layers Look


  1. Go for a Nine-to-Nine Look

Transition smoothly from day to night with a baggy kurta, jeans or trousers, and casual shoes.

Day to Night Look

9 to 9 Look


  1. Go Bold or Go Home

Guys with a love for flamboyance can wear kurtas in pop colours and eye-catching prints.

Bright Colour Kurta

Eye Catchy Print

Bold Print



Sunglasses and Face Shapes

Sunglasses and Face Shapes- Do These Two Go Along?

Poor Turkey

If you don’t wish to be this Poor Turkey, then read through carefully!


Sunglasses do more than keeping sunlight out of your eyes; they can redefine your style too. Like any accessory, choosing the right type can make or break your look. Here’s a quick way to know which sunglasses are right for you.

Before you move ahead, learn about the shape of your face:

learn about the shape of your face


Now, take a quick look at what suits your face best:

Angular Face Shapes: Square, Triangular, and Diamond face shapes are characterised by strong jaws and prominent cheekbones. You want to balance them with sunglasses that have soft edges and lines like round, shield, and aviator styles.

Angular Face Shapes


Heart Face Shape: Heart face shapes feature narrow jawlines and wide brows. The key is to elongate the face a little by choosing sunglasses with a downward emphasis like aviators. If you have a pointed chin, oval frames are a better pick.

Heart Face Shape



Circular Face Shapes: Round, Oval, and Oblong face shapes need sunglasses with sharper angles to create balance. Wayfarers are a top option as are square and cat-eye styles.

Circular Face Shapes


If you have it, then flaunt it!

20Th Century Fox Home Entertainment GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

Yeah !…..If you have it, then flaunt it!


Style hacks in Gym

No Pain, No Gain!

Sweat it Like a Man but in Style…


Gym wear is no longer confined to boring clothes with no emphasis on fashion. Guys have plenty of trendy options today that can make hitting the gym all the more fun. Check out these fashionable picks and incorporate them into your style:


  • No-Fuss Tees:

    Tank tops and tees are the top essentials to get. Choose them in bright colours to balance neutral-toned separates.

Tank Tops and Tees Style

  • Airy Shorts:

    Look trendy and stay comfy in gym shorts in a regular fit. Sweat-wicking fabrics can keep you cool and primed to work out.

Tredy and Comfy Style


  • Comfy Shoes:

    Get the most from your workout with a pair of lightweight, comfortable trainers.

Comfy Shoes



  • Stretchable Joggers:

    Stretchy joggers in a slim fit or a loose fit are all the rage. They look amazing when paired with hoodies and low-top trainers.


Stretchable Joggers

Sweat may Lead to Stink, so ward off this mighty turn off using a strong deodorant or fragrance.




Rise from that beloved Couch and go Lose Some Pounds!