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Black vs Brown Shoes

War of Classics- Black Vs Brown Shoes

Black or brown – which colour do you choose for formal shoes? Black easily seems to be the safer pick but brown can also complement formal wear. Find out how to rock this ‘underdog’ and when to go for it.

Formal Shoes


What’s the Occasion?

shoes for formal events


Brown shoes are perfect for corporate functions but they can also be worn at more formal events IF paired with a navy suit.

How Dark should They be?

dark Brown Shoes


The more formal the event, the darker shoes should ideally be. Dark brown can see you through weddings, evening dates and the opera.


What Style of Shoe to Pick?

Stylish Shoes


Monk straps, oxfords and brogues are what you should look at whether you choose brown or black shoes. Classic detailing looks dressier.

What Colour Socks to Wear?

contrast coloured socks


If you’re wearing a navy suit, choose blue socks in the same shade or a shade lighter than the suit.You can also go for contrast coloured socks.


What’s the Season?

Shoes According Season


Formal dressing norms aside, ask yourself what vibe you want to project and take your cue from there. Rules can always be bent!


Perfume or A Deo

How to Choose Between a Perfume or a Deo?

Summer’s almost here and this means – ugh – perspiration! While cute shorts, crop tops and sandals make the season worthwhile, staying and smelling fresh is the order of the day. Here are a few essentials you NEED to have!

Deodorant or Deo

Deodorant or Deo


Deos are designed to reduce and even eliminate BO. Get a spray or a roll-on and apply it every time you need to.


Antiperspirant Deo



Antiperspirants are a type of deo but aside from preventing body odour, they reduce sweating by temporarily coating the sweat glands with a gel.


Eau de Parfum or EDP

Eau de Parfum or EDP


While they don’t kill odour, EDPs have great staying power as they’re very concentrated. There’s a varied fragrance family to choose from too.


Parfum/Pure Perfume

Parfum/Pure Perfume



Parfums have the highest concentration of fragrance oils and the lowest alcohol content. They can last for up to 8 hours.


Body Mist

Body Mist


Body mists are mild but are a good choice for when you don’t feel like wearing anything too heavy.
Eau de Toilette or EDT

If you’re looking for something in between a body mist and a perfume, go for eau de toilettes. They can last for 2-4 hours.




How to be College Ready?

Whether you’re already well into your semester or are just about to start it, you need to make your mark with a few key college essentials. We’ve put together a list of fashionable must-haves to get you through!

Jeans You’d Live in

Ripped Jeans

Denim Jeans


Skinny, bootcut, boyfriend, mom – no matter your pick, you need a few great-looking jeans. You can literally wear them with any upper wear!

Tops and Tees, of Course!

Tops and Tees


Graphic T-shirts

Graphic T-shirts, tank tops, off-shoulder tops et al – have a solid collection of these basics to wear with jeans and other bottom wear.


Shrugs and Cardigans

Shrugs and Cardigans

 stylish layered look


They can give outfits a stylish layered look and are perfect for not-so-hot days and evenings. Get them in an assortment of colours.


Backpacks, Slings and Messenger Bags



Slings and Messenger Bags



How else are you going to carry your stuff in style? Have one of each bag to go with whatever you plan to wear.


Edgy Sneakers and Trendy Sandals

Edgy Sneakers


Trendy Sandals

Tie your looks together with footwear like sneakers and sandals that are both in vogue and go with several different outfits.


Gadgetry You May Not Realise You Need

 laptop lock




Aside from your phone and laptop, you should consider getting a laptop lock, Dictaphone, and an external hard drive.



Shopping Tips

Shopping Tips – How to Avoid Bad Buy Day!

Who hasn’t had a bad shopping day? You go out with high expectations only to come home, look at your purchases and go ‘What was I thinking?!’ If you’ve been guilty too many times, it’s time to follow our instant advice!


Have a Solid but Flexible Plan

Wardrobe Shopping List


Capsule Wardrobe

As boring as it sounds, having a workable plan can keep you from buying stuff you don’t need or even like.


Discounts can Sometimes be Tricky


Big Sale


Taken in by a terrific discount? Don’t be, unless you actually are going to use or wear the item in question.



Try Things on for Size

Try Things on for Size


First Try and Buy



Whether it’s shoes or clothes, try them on. It may be time-consuming but this will eliminate the hassle of returns and refunds.


Have a Budget and Stick to it

Shopping on Budget


It’s tempting to throw caution to the winds and spend a bundle but we know how it ends. Stick to your budget!


Shop When You’re Clear-headed

Clear Headed Shopping



We mean it! Don’t shop when you’re feeling sad, anxious or annoyed. You’ll be prone to making bad decisions.


Shop Around as Much as Possible

Compare Price


Best Price


Whether online or not, compare items, prices and deals before making a purchase.





Travelling Tips

Comfort Clothes, Accessories for Travelling

Taking a trip can be both exciting and stressful, which is why it’s so important to be as comfy as possible. Here’s some instant advice to help make your journey smoother and a whole lot more pleasant!

Wisen Up with a Rolling Suitcase

Rolling Suitcase

Why suffer aching shoulders or throw your back with a duffel bag when you can use a rolling suitcase.


A Scarf can be Your Bestie



Keep it Loose and Weather-friendly

Loose Fitting Clothes

Loose-fitting clothes that don’t weigh a tonne and are ripe for the weather are what you should go for.


The Stretchier, The Better for You

Stretchy Clothes


Soft, stretchy clothes are great for wearing when travelling. They’re super-comfortable as they don’t pinch and restrict your movement.



It could be gauzy or thick but a scarf is one of the handiest items to have. Dupattas are fine too.
Don’t Miss Out on Key Accessories

Essential Accessories


These essential accessories will make your trip so much easier – eye mask, travel pillow, organiser, travel bottle and luggage tags.


Electronics and More Electronics!




It’s the modern day and this means gadgetry so don’t forget to take a power bank, headphones, charging cables and a power adapter.











Outfits for the Summer

Top 5 Outfits for This Summer

Summer’s almost here and the fashion world is abuzz with trends you really should follow. For 2017, the focus is on bold colours, mix-and-match, ‘80s inspiration (of the good kind), peek-a-boo dresses, stripes and florals – all things fun and exciting!

1. The Brighter, the Better!

The Brighter, the Better

Peppy colours



Pink, orange, bright purple – peppy colours are in this season. Wear them as a top-and-skirt outfit and finish with strappy sandals.

2. Go Retro with an 80s Vibe

relaxed silhouettes

Longline Dresses



2017 calls for relaxed silhouettes. Try longline dresses or longline tops with loose-fit trousers or shorts and platform heels.

3. Statement Sleeves Still have Everyone Talking

 Statement Sleeves

Fancy Sleeves Trend


2016’s fancy sleeves trend continues to summer 2017. Think shirts with billowy sleeves that you can wear with fitted capris.
4. Prints are Here to Stay

Floral Trousers

striped Pants



Go for striped or floral trousers with off-shoulder tops or even pretty striped or floral shoes to contrast a colour-blocked outfit.

5. Dare to Wear Bralettes this Year

Bralettes Tops

Bra Tops


Bralettes or bra tops are back with a bang this season. Balance the skimpiness with high-waist pants, skirts and shorts.




The TGIF Look – Thank God It’s Friday Look

Is there anything better than Fridays? There’s a spring in your step as you head to work and punch-out time is all the sweeter. The day calls for a kickass TGIF look designed to take you from work to party in a flash!


  1. Slip on Jeans or Dark-coloured Jeggings

 Dark coloured Jeggings

bottom wear



Jeans are the ultimate bottom wear. Get a pair with a clean wash in a neutral colour. Jeggings are good second choices too.


  1. Add a Little Heel for Oomph

formal dressing edge

formal dressing edge



We don’t mean heels that leave you teetering; 2 inches is enough to lend a formal dressing edge. Go for pumps, sling-backs and peep-toes.


  1. Throw on a Blazer in the Latest Trend





There are blazers for all seasons. Try printed, solid-coloured or even sequinned styles to get your TGIF game on.

4. Accessorise with Cool Chunky Jewellery

Chunky Jewellery



A cocktail ring, pendant necklace or a beaded bracelet can instantly glam up outfits with a corporate styling edge.

5. Swap Your Shoulder Bag for a Clutch



A large clutch can hold everything you need (at least on a Friday!). You’ll appreciate not having to lug around a large shoulder bag too.


Rohan Mehra

From ‘Chocolate Boy’ to ‘Heartthrob’

True journey begins when best moulds are broken to create better ones.


Standing tall against these golden words, actor cum reality show finalist, Rohan Mehra is breaking new grounds. Captivating millions of hearts with his role as ‘Nakash’ in a popular soap,‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, he created a benchmark for cuteness for guys in telly world. The good looking lad has stepped out of his comfort zone and embraced style in a true sense. Not being bias at all, but we are head-over-heels in love with awe-inspiring looks of Rohan Mehra from his latest photoshoot. Looking uber-dashing in every sense, he has opened doors for super cute guys to look super hot. For this sizzling hot photoshoot, all his heart-melting looks are curated by none other than your very own BienMode team.  


Take your pick from a mirage of curated looks:


Classically Modern

Classically Modern Look


Taking a cue from classic button-down suit, we created a refreshing look by ripping a classic and giving it a new hue. White-collared suit with muted coloured trousers and brogues infused together for a dashing avatar.

Punch of Panache

Punch of Panache Look


Giving a new face to ethnic wear, our team pulled together some comfy elements from casual wear and mixed these with modern-ethnic renditions. The drape long T-shirt mixed with ever-loved jeans and flared waistcoat create an ideal to-go look for the summer season.


Reinventing Casuals

Reinventing Casuals Look



Everything White! Being a universal cool colour, white can be played in every tone. When patterned in stripes with blue, it creates an off-street cool combination. The same has been used by our stylists to pull together a cool look using a long striped T-shirt with white trousers and casual shoes.


On The Town

On The Town Look


If you are a guy who is truly, madly in love with formals, then this handpicked look is just right for you. Our team took the modern rendition of a classic suit and paired it with white casual shoes to bring forth a dashing attire for a brunch.

Warm Yet Cool

Warm Yet Cool Look

Combining warmth of checkered pattern with blissfulness of stripes has resulted in the creation of this ultimate look.

Every look in this photoshoot was inspired by the prismatic personality of Rohan Mehra. Our stylists tried to capture every side of his to create looks that were worth inspiring.



athleisure Look

Is Athleisure Your Cup of Tea?

What spells casual, sporty and comfy all at once? Athleisure, of course! It blends everyday wear with workout garb and almost everyone seems crazy about it. But, is it for you? Find out if you want in or not!


It’s Got Top Celebs Hooked


Celebrities are crazy about it so should you be too? If you like following trends, sure! If athleisure isn’t your style, don’t.

Workout Look

Casual Look


It’s Not for a Corporate Environment


If your workplace dress code calls for semi-formals/formals, stick to tried and tested pantsuits, trousers et al.

semi-formals look

workplace dress code


Head-to-toe Tracks are a Big NO


If you like mixing casuals with gym wear, learn how to pair them. Choose just one gym item and not more.

Special Occasions Wear


Special Occasions Deserve More Attention


Looking to wear something different on a special date? An athleisure look is NOT it and should not be it!


It’s Great for Casual Wear


Athleisure is the perfect style for casual occasions and everyday wear. Limit it to such days and not much more.
Casual Wear

Perfect Style


It’s THE Solution for Stay-at-home Folks
Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or someone who works from home, you’ll absolutely love wearing an athleisure style outfit.


Comfy Look


Pamper Your Locks in Summer

How to Pamper Your Locks in Summer


Love summer but hate what it does to your hair? You’re not alone! The heat can make for some pretty frizzy mane that refuses to be tamed. Fortunately, we have some instant advice to help!

Reduce Your Washes to Twice a Week

Sure, clean hair smells great but frequent washes will only strip yours of its natural oils and leave it dry and brittle. If possible, use shampoos with natural ingredients or bottle one yourself with in some easy steps:

Home Made Shampoo

Home Made Shampoo


Don’t Skip the Conditioner

Always condition your hair especially in summer. Apply just a pea-sized amount from the mid-length to the tips.

Home Made Conditionar


Use Shampoos with UV Protection

Just like with skin, sunlight can damage hair so it’s important to use shampoo that’s fortified with UV protection.


Try to Ditch the Blow-dry

Let your hair dry naturally as much as possible. If you do need to blow-dry it, set the heat on low.

Go for Regular Trimming Sessions

Split ends are unsightly no matter the season. Regular trims spaced a couple of months apart will keep your mane looking healthy.

Regular Trimming Session


Moisturise with a Hot Oil Rinse

Apply oil from the roots to the tips after shampooing, rinse, condition and rinse again. Your hair will feel soft and silky.

Oil Rinsing Benefits


Some Home remedies for a Shiny Mane:

Home Remedies for Hairs