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mehandi outfits

Stunning mehandi outfits!!!

We all see wedding outfit ideas posts every now and then but when it comes to those small yet important functions during the wedding we don’t know what to wear! Here are some super stunning mehandi outfit ideas that will make you look great and comfortable at the same time. With the fusions of modern and traditional, here are the few best ones because it’s much more than Lehengas at the wedding!


The dhoti style!

If you want to try different styles of outfits for every function then this style is the best option for a mehandi ceremony. A plain dhoti with cute off shoulder top or cape top would definitely make some dressing goals!

dhoti style


The FLORAL girl!

Florals are the evergreen kind of style and for mehandi ceremony this could be the best outfit. Choose a beautiful printed floral skirt and team it up with designer blouse and your super comfortable mehandi look is all set!




Stunner in GREEN!

If red and oranges are not what you want to wear then you must go for a gorgeous green lehenga. A green lehenga with beautiful border and some accessories will for sure set you apart from the crowd!


mehandi outfits


The DHOTI saree look!

Incorporate the two very interesting wedding outfit ideas in one single outfit and hit the floor all diva style. Super comfortable and totally chic, a dhoti saree is fab option for this short ceremony. To make this look more bridal, choose the perfect shades of red and pink and you are good to go!


mehandi outfits


The evergreen love for Lehenga!

If you want to be the bride with lehenga then it’s perfectly comfortable for you to choose a plain lehenga with delicate work. Choose the colours like mint green or coral pink and be ready to look the OMG- gorgeous!!


mehandi outfits



wedding dress

Tips to make it feel light in your wedding dress!

Don’t lose that bridal smile of your face worrying about your LEHENGA! It’s tough to handle those heavy work lehengas with all that nervousness, bundle of mixed feelings, pressure of to be bride and still manage to have that perfect glow of your cheeks done right! Here are few tips that will help you reduce a little weight of your wedding dress and still feel bridal.


Keep it LIGHT!

The most important element in wedding dress is the selection of fabric. While choosing the fabric keep in mind that it is not too heavy. Choose the fabric with heavy work but LIGHT fabric.


wedding dress



Say hello to the PRINTS!

This time don’t keep it too conventional. Since it’s your big day why not try something different! Say bye-bye to those heavy embroideries and mirror work lehengas and welcome the trend of new printed and patterned skirts. To add bridal touch to them just add the work of Gota Pattis in them!

wedding dress


Go smart with single dupatta!

One from the waist, one from the top..oh it’s all a mess! Act smart and choose one single heavy and beautiful dupatta that too on your forehead and secure it with beautiful Mang Tikas or Head Patti. Make you look pretty and sober AND feel light at the same time.


wedding dress



Go for the designer blouse!

Add little twists and turns to the wedding styling by choosing heavy and designer blouses instead of a heavy lehengas. Go for the most stylish and beautiful patterns and designs for blouses and slay your wedding look DIVA style!


wedding dress


These are few tips that will help you to select your lehengas more smartly by making you feel a little light on your wedding. Act smart and be the simple yet stunning bride!!



organised wardrobe

How to get an organised wardrobe!

Feel like don’t have enough clothes to wear? No my dear! You too are caught in an unorganised messy wardrobe trap. What’s the point of having trendy clothes, fancy bags and footwear when you don’t find them at the perfect time! All you need to do is organise your wardrobe and make your closet ever ready to make your routine easy. Here are few points you need to remember!

  1. Get rid of the old stuff!

The major step is to get rid of all your OLD clothes and footwear which do not fit well in today’s trend and are just a pile of waste in your wardrobe!

  1. Make different compartments

The main step towards a heavenly wardrobe is to divide it in different compartments. Maybe this will sound funny but keeping different sections reserved for your tops, jeans, sweaters, jackets and inner wear will definitely make your clothing routine heavenly!

  1. The *Touch me not* area!

Keep some space reserved for keeping already worn clothes so that if because of any reason you cannot put them in laundry, you will not have to mix them with the good clothes. This will keep them isolated in a dirty department!

  1. A place for the bags!

Sometimes you are not able to find the right bag and you just grab the one you are carrying since a month or so despite having many, somewhere lost in your almirah! All you have to do is hang them somewhere in your closet so that they are easily visible.

  1. The most wanted space!

An outfit is incomplete without perfect footwear. Keep all your footwear in one separate rack or inside the lower drawer so that they are all visible at the time when you need them badly! Choose accordingly without any confusion and avoid repetition.





college style

Must have things for the freshmen year in college!

School days are gone and those days of layering up in the name of cool dressing are all gone. It’s the time to hit the college campus with stylish yet comfortable looks! But don’t worry; we have made everything easy for you. Just few pieces and must haves and you are all set to rock the college floor!


A V-neck tee

A V-neck tee is the most easy to slip kind of clothing and what’s trendy about it is that it goes well and wonderful with anything and any pair of bottoms. So the next time when you are preparing for your college closet, buy a casual and fun V neck tee!

college style



An oversized shirt

Maybe you will have to struggle in men’s section for a while but what you really need to know is that this oversized shirt will make your look so cool! Cool and comfortable at the same time is the best type of college outfit.


college style


A denim jacket

How can you not have a denim jacket in your college closet? The denim jacket is the evergreen kind of slip on jacket which is a must have this college season.


college style


The CHIC sweatshirt!

A sweatshirt and leggings is the best option for college days! You cannot hit the campus without a cute and classy sweatshirt as it is super comfortable kind of thing that you definitely need to buy!


college style


Black leggings are a must!

You cannot always wear a jeans and that’s where LEGGINGS will be the saviour. Leggings are so versatile that they can be paired with anything and everything. You can wear loose t shirts, chambrays, shirts, long tops and much more just with a single pair of ‘all time favourite’ black leggings!


college style




It’s the time for the surprise downpours, water-water everywhere and the summer dress season coming to end. But what’s fun about this season is the new and exciting way to dress which will not only protect you from the rains but at the same time keep you trendy than rest others. Here’s the must have rainy season list!


When life gives you rainy days, BOOT it up!

Boots are the always a good to go with kind of footwear in this season. Trendy and safe, this footwear goes well with all types of dressing and clothing making you ready to rock!




Go waterproof with cool jackets!

Being stylish and water ready at the same time is now an easy task. Just go and grab yourself a waterproof jacket from the range of new cool printed ones which are so IN this season!




Light fabric knit wear

Breathy and comfortable knit wear tops are good option for rainy days outings. At the times when you feel a little cold yet don’t want to feel the weight of bulky jackets, these for sure will let your skin breathe and won’t let cool winds strike you bad!




Dark jeans are the best jeans!

Rains and fabrics do not fit well together. But here’s a solution to get rid of those light coloured dripping wet sorta jeans which make you look saggy during rains! Go and invest in a dark colour jeans that not only goes well with anything but are also stain proof from the watermarks.




The mandatory- UMBRELLA!

Don’t let umbrellas be just a need but a part of your rainy season styling. Choose from the soothing colour ones, cute graphics ones, printed ones and from the classy shade ones and find the one that goes best with your outfit!




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Blazers are no more just those padded shoulders piece of clothing but now have become an important style element. Blazers ‘only at office’ days are long gone and now it’s time to recreate blazer looks and make it a style statement. So, here are few tips and tricks about how to style blazers!

Choose your perfect blazer accordingly!

Blazers are now a  fashion essential for every wardrobe. Thus styling it for every different situation should also be different and in accordance with the theme. You need to take care about the collar, it’s length and neckline according to your body type so that eventually it makes you look your best!




Blues perfect for monday!

Blues and blazers are a together kind of a thing. Choosing a blue blazer at work would be best as it would make your boring formal look attractive and impressive. The BLUE colour would make your complexion also look bright and best.



A NOTCH for the evenings!

Play it cool and comfy at casual evening outings or at walk by pairing a cool notch style blazer with same colour jeans. Trying out rugged or faded jeans would be a good option too.




The bright night!

Get ready for a party or a  get together event with a shimmery cardigan style blazer. It’s long front would just look perfect with soft pastel colour top. So get this good to go look for an evening today!



Stand out as the BEST!!

Look your best even in a blazer in a stylish way with the perfect fit double breasted long blazer. A perfect jacket with fit shoulders and two rows of buttons will make your front look slender and appealing. So stand out in the crowd with this elegant yet trendy blazer style!



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