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First impressions matter! It’s a fact that a lot of us know but don’t have the time to perfect. With our insanely busy lives, finding minutes to look our best & brush up on fashion trends can be challenging. Enter BienMode, your fashion-savvy assistant & answer to all things that make you look good! A personal styling service, we connect you with dedicated stylists in India who can help you pick the best looks to suit your personality, taste and occasion. All at the click of a button!



Every once in a while, everybody struggles with finding the right shoes or matching the perfect patterns. This is why Bienmode came to life! We are offering you our free and unique expertise on styling, whenever you need it, wherever you are. We created a community where fashion can not only be worn, but can also be learned. Bienmode pays attention to you and guarantees a full premium experience.

1. Online Styling

Fashion expert are looking forward to guide you. Online styling is a whole new experience made to fulfill all your wishes and curiosities. We will take care of all your fashion confusions instantly!! Just type in your query and our stylist will revert to you in seconds and make you look your stylish best.

2. Personal shopper

A big part of the shopping experience consists in the person you are shopping with. But what do you do when your best friend is busy? We thought about your needs and we came up with a great solution! Just contact us and you will book your own personal shopper that will guide you and will make sure your outfits are amazing.

3.Wardrobe makeover

Your wardrobe feels full and, yet, you have nothing to wear? It might be time to throw away that pair of old shoes that you think you will wear, but you didn’t in the last three years. We know it is difficult to choose, so we can help you. With a wardrobe styling supervised by our specialists, you will end up feeling like you have endless matching possibilities.

4.Wedding styling

You know that great joy that you feel when you hear somebody is getting married? We want to give you the same feeling when you wear your special outfit. There is no need to panic. Our online personal stylists are here for you. Just type in your questions and receive the best look. Be careful, you might steal the light from the bride.

5.Celebrity styling

A stylist has the power to transform a celebrity’s look. An influence of the current trends amalgamated with the celebrity’s personality brings out the perfect look. Creating a style icon image is what we strive for while working with a renowned name. Like: Sana Khan, Rohan Mehra, Kanchi Singh & Harshad Arora.

6.Curated Look Book

Find the trendiest looks from the most popular websites. A bundle of curations which save you the time and hassle of combining the products. Shop the entire look by just a click and step up your fashion game.