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Is Athleisure Your Cup of Tea?

athleisure Look

What spells casual, sporty and comfy all at once? Athleisure, of course! It blends everyday wear with workout garb and almost everyone seems crazy about it. But, is it for you? Find out if you want in or not!


It’s Got Top Celebs Hooked


Celebrities are crazy about it so should you be too? If you like following trends, sure! If athleisure isn’t your style, don’t.

Workout Look

Casual Look


It’s Not for a Corporate Environment


If your workplace dress code calls for semi-formals/formals, stick to tried and tested pantsuits, trousers et al.

semi-formals look

workplace dress code


Head-to-toe Tracks are a Big NO


If you like mixing casuals with gym wear, learn how to pair them. Choose just one gym item and not more.

Special Occasions Wear


Special Occasions Deserve More Attention


Looking to wear something different on a special date? An athleisure look is NOT it and should not be it!


It’s Great for Casual Wear


Athleisure is the perfect style for casual occasions and everyday wear. Limit it to such days and not much more.
Casual Wear

Perfect Style


It’s THE Solution for Stay-at-home Folks
Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or someone who works from home, you’ll absolutely love wearing an athleisure style outfit.


Comfy Look


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