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Tips To Get Glowing Skin This Diwali!

The festive time of the year is just around as it’s time for DIWALI!! Every woman out there wants to look her best, all gorgeous and glowy for this festival. But in the haste of cleaning and preparing their homes, there is no time left to prepare for the big day by maintaining their skin as well. So, in order to get the glow on your cheeks we have reared few skincare tips without investing money in big parlour pampering sessions!

The ‘Kitchenmade’ tips that will magic for your skin are-



  1. Cleansing away!

It is very important to clean your skin with a good cleanser on a regular basis so as to keep your pores clean. The kitchen tip is, switch your cleansers for honey, rose water and sandalwood to get the glow naturally.

  1. Scrub away the sebum!

Most of the women think that scrubbing is harsh on skin but the truth is scrubbing gives your skin deep cleaning and polishes it from within. Look for the organic scrubs in your kitchen like sugar, coffee and add lemon to it for detoxification.

  1. Steaming your stress out!

The skin needs to breathe every once in a while, so to let your pores breath and clean it is important that you take steam. It doesn’t have to be sauna session at a salon but all you need is boiling water in a vessel and a thick towel! This tip for sure will enhance the glow of your skin.


  1. Face Packs!

To renew your skin after cleaning, it is very important that you tighten and fix your ores with a good face ack. Look for the suitable ingredient in your kitchen according to your skin. For dry skin, go for mashed banana and honey facepack, if you have oily skin then apply tomato and lemon paste on your skin. Wait for few days and you will surely see some goodness in your skin!

  1. Hydrating and toning!

After you have treated your skin well, it is important to hydrate and tone the skin with natural soaks and good moisturiser. To retain the freshness, apply cucumber water and rose water regularly. Seal the moisture with proper hydration regularly!!

  1. The body bath!

Apart from the face, it is also important to clean the rest of your body. Cleanse and scrub your body regularly after every few days. After cleansing, give yourself a good hot bath and apply thick moisturiser on your whole body. This will make your skin look more healthy and glowing!

  1. Hydration from within!

Hydrating your body from within is equally important as hydrating it with good moisturisers. Drink plenty of water, fluids and include more and more fresh juices in your diet. Avoid eating junk food with lots of oil and spices as this may lead to skin breakdown and you surely don’t want that stubborn pimple on your face!


Keep your skincare routine natural by including all organic products with these tips and you will not be far to get the GLOWING SKIN!!

dress best for a pear shaped body

Six ways to dress best for a pear shaped body!

The most common body type is the pear shaped body. These bodylines have a smaller bust line but the backside is a little wider than the shoulders. Many of you with this amazing body type get problems about dressing. But what’s surprising is these body types are meant to be flaunted if you work well with your dressing. Thus we have got some amazing ways for you to dress up which will fix all your problems.


Add volume on TOP!

Since you have got volume on top, make your torso look prominent by adding glam to your upper body. Wear embellished collars, good neckline tops but keep your lower half simple.

dress best for a pear shaped body


Highlight your waistline!

You are the lucky ladies with a slender waistline which everybody dreams of. Choose beautiful dresses tapering at your waist with flare at the bottom and make your waist curve look the most prominent.


dress best for a pear shaped body


The A-line!

A line would be a great solution to avoid showing curves of your lower body at times. So, invest in A-lines and make your lower body look flatter and flaunt the flare.

dress best for a pear shaped body


Shirtdresses are your goals!

A sleeved shirtdress would work wonder for you and will make you look your best. A belt at your waistline would act as a cherry on the top!


dress best for a pear shaped body



Avoid skin tight fit for the bottoms

Skin tight fit at the bottoms could make your bottom look even heavier so to avoid this choose the correct fit bottoms. So just remember to play it cool when choosing your bottoms.

dress best for a pear shaped body


The boat neck bliss!

Different necklines could play as your strength and one such boon is the boat neckline. This neckline would make you shoulders look wider thus balancing the whole body proportion.


dress best for a pear shaped body


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Easy Peasy Make up Hacks

Show Off Your Cheekbones with Easy-peasy Makeup Hacks

Killer cheekbones are oh-so-enviable and models just seem to be born with them. Right? Wrong! Anyone can flaunt gorgeous cheekbones with a little cheat sheet. Check out these super simple hacks to get yours in a matter of minutes!



  • Lay a Foundation


Foundation is a must if you want your makeup to set right. Here are a few ways to make it easy for you:

Makeup Base



  • Contour it the Right Way


Contour right under your cheekbones with an angled contour brush or a damp makeup sponge. The contour colour should be 2 shades darker than your foundation. Work it into your skin and upwards towards your temples so that there are no visible lines.

Contour it the Right Way


Puff Up with Powder

Make cheekbones pop by applying loose translucent powder along your jawline and near your temples.

Puff Up with Powder


A Touch of Bronze

Apply a touch of bronzer on your temples, cheekbones and jawline. Think of point number ‘3’ to create three gorgeous bronzed points. As with contouring, you want to work the product into your skin so that there aren’t any harsh lines.

A Touch of Bronze


Give Final Touches

Highlight the tops of your cheeks with a highlighter and apply a concealer, that’s a shade or two lighter than your foundation, under your eyes to make cheekbones stand out even more.

Final Touches


Now you are all set to star in someone’s dream!

you are all set