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college style

Must have things for the freshmen year in college!

School days are gone and those days of layering up in the name of cool dressing are all gone. It’s the time to hit the college campus with stylish yet comfortable looks! But don’t worry; we have made everything easy for you. Just few pieces and must haves and you are all set to rock the college floor!


A V-neck tee

A V-neck tee is the most easy to slip kind of clothing and what’s trendy about it is that it goes well and wonderful with anything and any pair of bottoms. So the next time when you are preparing for your college closet, buy a casual and fun V neck tee!

college style



An oversized shirt

Maybe you will have to struggle in men’s section for a while but what you really need to know is that this oversized shirt will make your look so cool! Cool and comfortable at the same time is the best type of college outfit.


college style


A denim jacket

How can you not have a denim jacket in your college closet? The denim jacket is the evergreen kind of slip on jacket which is a must have this college season.


college style


The CHIC sweatshirt!

A sweatshirt and leggings is the best option for college days! You cannot hit the campus without a cute and classy sweatshirt as it is super comfortable kind of thing that you definitely need to buy!


college style


Black leggings are a must!

You cannot always wear a jeans and that’s where LEGGINGS will be the saviour. Leggings are so versatile that they can be paired with anything and everything. You can wear loose t shirts, chambrays, shirts, long tops and much more just with a single pair of ‘all time favourite’ black leggings!


college style


Thing from Boyfriend's closet

Things to pick up from your Boyfriend’s closet

We girls are eternally entitled with the misery of not having enough clothes to wear. Sneaking into your sister’s wardrobe might be difficult at times, so, I prefer to take an easier way to satisfy my almost insatiable hunger of shopping. What is it? I borrow clothes from my boyfriend’s closet! You all might be thinking how is possible or it won’t fit us or we would make a clown of ourselves, but have you ever thought that even clowns have more variety of clothes to wear than you? And they can even pull it off! But do not worry, I won’t make you look like a clown but rather give you some really cool tips which would save you from a dilemma of wondering what to wear every day.

Here are few things to pick up from your Boyfriends closet-

A crisp White Shirt

Thing from Boyfriend's closet


What is that one thing which is common in every guy’s closet? A classic white shirt. For short girls, the shirts always work as a shirt dress teamed up with a funky sneaker or if you are a tall girl like me, an open button oversized shirt always works as a good kimono style shrugs.



You can borrow your boyfriend’s belts and hole it according to your waist size. Then Team it up with the shirt you have just picked from his closet and make a sleek entry at your office

Thing from Boyfriend's closet



For the days when you want to look cool and chic at the same time, your boyfriend’s suspender comes really handy. Attach it with one of you classic well fitted black jeans and wear it with a well-fitted t-shirt

Thing from Boyfriend's closet



On lazy days when you don’t want to feel like dressing up too much, pick one of the rugged jeans from his closet, double fold the hem of the jeans and wear it with the tank top or a racer back gunjee.

Thing from Boyfriend's closet



Why waste thousands of money into buying comfy oversized t-shirts when you can always borrow one from your boyfriend? Team it with shorts or a pyjama and wear it wherever, whenever you want.

Thing from Boyfriend's closet



Bored of your cat eyes and reflectors? Want to buy a new pair sunglasses but don’t want to spend much money? No worries, borrow his Ray bans and Aviators to try out a new look

Thing from Boyfriend's closet


Slim Tie-

Try a new look with tying his slim tie into a beautiful butterfly bow on a formal shirts or bold white dress.

Thing from Boyfriend's closet



Here are the 7 easy ways to perk up your boring wardrobe into something different and funky. Do try these styles and write us about your experience. Have a nice week!

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How to be College Ready?

Whether you’re already well into your semester or are just about to start it, you need to make your mark with a few key college essentials. We’ve put together a list of fashionable must-haves to get you through!

Jeans You’d Live in

Ripped Jeans

Denim Jeans


Skinny, bootcut, boyfriend, mom – no matter your pick, you need a few great-looking jeans. You can literally wear them with any upper wear!

Tops and Tees, of Course!

Tops and Tees


Graphic T-shirts

Graphic T-shirts, tank tops, off-shoulder tops et al – have a solid collection of these basics to wear with jeans and other bottom wear.


Shrugs and Cardigans

Shrugs and Cardigans

 stylish layered look


They can give outfits a stylish layered look and are perfect for not-so-hot days and evenings. Get them in an assortment of colours.


Backpacks, Slings and Messenger Bags



Slings and Messenger Bags



How else are you going to carry your stuff in style? Have one of each bag to go with whatever you plan to wear.


Edgy Sneakers and Trendy Sandals

Edgy Sneakers


Trendy Sandals

Tie your looks together with footwear like sneakers and sandals that are both in vogue and go with several different outfits.


Gadgetry You May Not Realise You Need

 laptop lock




Aside from your phone and laptop, you should consider getting a laptop lock, Dictaphone, and an external hard drive.