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Style Hacks at Workout

Hacks for a Summer Bod Minus the Workout

Summer’s almost here and it’s time to show off your figure. But if washboard abs and a pert behind aren’t exactly what you’re blessed with, you need to know how to fake it. Here’s some instant advice!

Have Fun and Work Out with Dancing

It’s not all about treadmills; up-tempo dancing for 5 hours every week can help tone your body and lose weight.

Work Out with Dancing

Tempo Dancing


Take a Hike – Quite Literally!

Walking over different elevations for a couple of hours helps shed the pounds and helps you bond with your hiking partner/partners.

Take A Hike


Take the Clichéd Brisk Walk

You’ve heard this a dozen times but it really helps! Go for a brisk walk of 30 minutes each day.

Brisk Walk


Get Down and Clean House

Housework is a bore but it can get your calories burning. Sweep, mop, dust and do the laundry to tone up.

Technique for Brisk Walk


Eat Healthy

There’s no use working your butt off if you’re gorging on calorie bombs. Have more whole grains, greens, veggies and fruits.

Eat Healthy


Yoga Isn’t Just for Yogis

People of all ages and body sizes can do yoga. Enrol with a qualified teacher who can tailor a plan.



Style hacks in Gym

No Pain, No Gain!

Sweat it Like a Man but in Style…


Gym wear is no longer confined to boring clothes with no emphasis on fashion. Guys have plenty of trendy options today that can make hitting the gym all the more fun. Check out these fashionable picks and incorporate them into your style:


  • No-Fuss Tees:

    Tank tops and tees are the top essentials to get. Choose them in bright colours to balance neutral-toned separates.

Tank Tops and Tees Style

  • Airy Shorts:

    Look trendy and stay comfy in gym shorts in a regular fit. Sweat-wicking fabrics can keep you cool and primed to work out.

Tredy and Comfy Style


  • Comfy Shoes:

    Get the most from your workout with a pair of lightweight, comfortable trainers.

Comfy Shoes



  • Stretchable Joggers:

    Stretchy joggers in a slim fit or a loose fit are all the rage. They look amazing when paired with hoodies and low-top trainers.


Stretchable Joggers

Sweat may Lead to Stink, so ward off this mighty turn off using a strong deodorant or fragrance.




Rise from that beloved Couch and go Lose Some Pounds!