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Guys can Rock Jewellery Too and Here’s How

Guys Can Rock Jewellery Too



Before you take the ‘WRONG TURN’, read below:


Jewellery + women is an equation we’re all familiar with. But, guys can easily rock it too. In fact, you can look totally on-point without forsaking your manliness. We show you how to wear it with these simple tips.

 Guys Jewellery



Two Metals are a No-go

Whether it’s gold or silver, keep your jewellery limited to just one metal. Combining options is tacky and an eye-sore.

Metal Jewellery for Guys


Simple Spells Classy

Leave fancy jewellery to the silver screen or fashion mags. Keep things simple with a metallic watch or a silver chain.

Simple Jewellery


Small is Cool, Big is Not!

Choose small items like ring bands, cufflinks and tie clips. Following the latest trends shouldn’t mean standing out in a tasteless way!

Latest Trends

Latest Trends


Occasion Matters

If you’re confused what to wear jewellery with, pair it with ethnic wear and formals on special occasions.

Ethnic Look


Make a Statement the Right Way

Sure, statement pieces catch the eye but they can be too much. Instead of chunky jewellery, choose items with slimmer, sleeker lines.

statement pieces

Make a Statement

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