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War of Classics- Black Vs Brown Shoes

Black vs Brown Shoes

Black or brown – which colour do you choose for formal shoes? Black easily seems to be the safer pick but brown can also complement formal wear. Find out how to rock this ‘underdog’ and when to go for it.

Formal Shoes


What’s the Occasion?

shoes for formal events


Brown shoes are perfect for corporate functions but they can also be worn at more formal events IF paired with a navy suit.

How Dark should They be?

dark Brown Shoes


The more formal the event, the darker shoes should ideally be. Dark brown can see you through weddings, evening dates and the opera.


What Style of Shoe to Pick?

Stylish Shoes


Monk straps, oxfords and brogues are what you should look at whether you choose brown or black shoes. Classic detailing looks dressier.

What Colour Socks to Wear?

contrast coloured socks


If you’re wearing a navy suit, choose blue socks in the same shade or a shade lighter than the suit.You can also go for contrast coloured socks.


What’s the Season?

Shoes According Season


Formal dressing norms aside, ask yourself what vibe you want to project and take your cue from there. Rules can always be bent!


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