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Comfort Clothes, Accessories for Travelling

Travelling Tips

Taking a trip can be both exciting and stressful, which is why it’s so important to be as comfy as possible. Here’s some instant advice to help make your journey smoother and a whole lot more pleasant!

Wisen Up with a Rolling Suitcase

Rolling Suitcase

Why suffer aching shoulders or throw your back with a duffel bag when you can use a rolling suitcase.


A Scarf can be Your Bestie



Keep it Loose and Weather-friendly

Loose Fitting Clothes

Loose-fitting clothes that don’t weigh a tonne and are ripe for the weather are what you should go for.


The Stretchier, The Better for You

Stretchy Clothes


Soft, stretchy clothes are great for wearing when travelling. They’re super-comfortable as they don’t pinch and restrict your movement.



It could be gauzy or thick but a scarf is one of the handiest items to have. Dupattas are fine too.
Don’t Miss Out on Key Accessories

Essential Accessories


These essential accessories will make your trip so much easier – eye mask, travel pillow, organiser, travel bottle and luggage tags.


Electronics and More Electronics!




It’s the modern day and this means gadgetry so don’t forget to take a power bank, headphones, charging cables and a power adapter.











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