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Minimal is chic – Styled by Bienmode!

Minimalism in fashion is the newest trend! So, this summer Bienmode tried to bring this floor hitting trend for the simple style lovers. Minimalism is not just those shapeless solid colour outfits in a row or all the grey tone shade clothes but, are the clothes that define your style in a minimal way! It is the blend of styles that are simple and ethical in a way and define your statement in less or a single piece outfit. Let’s have a look at few looks created by the Bienmode team so that the style lovers like you can curate these in your wardrobe too! These looks are-

1.The Brown Tone!

Well, if you are looking for something that can make you feel a bit cooler these days, then apart from the evergreen floral trends this new style of a simple striped saree will definitely take your heart! A beautiful cream and white saree, with the simple chic brown blouse would just be perfect for a day out.

minimal is chic

 2.The Solid Statement for men!

A precisely cut, symmetrical, silky fabric and good coloured Kurta for men to wear as their summer night outfit. This simple piece is enough to speak about your style in one solid way that is through your minimal approach of dressing.  So choose this outfit as your summer goal and pair it with your favourite pair of black trousers to complete the look!

minimal is chic

3.The Asymmetrical Thing!

Desire the little inside yourself, so as to speak about your fashion with minimal clothing trend. Dress in this asymmetrical solid white kurta with a black dhoti or loose trousers and create the monochromatic effect in your clothing. Choosing the balanced shades of white and black is always a good option to flaunt your minimalistic ethical style.

minimal is chic

4.Define our style with ease

Go easy with your colours and choose the best when it comes to dressing in a minimalistic way. Your clothes can speak a lot about your thoughts. So, go for splash of brown over black to create simple and elegant look with ease and comfort. Get this look, the spoke to your Goo look wheel on summery days!!

minimal is chic

5.Cool sets of Co-ordinates!

Tones of whites with the balanced shade of minimalism will definitely be your pick for the heat days. This cool colour will keep you in comfort all day long and the style of this outfit will keep your statement on pedestal! Go for this easy coordinate set and follow the essence of less styling.

minimal is chic

6.Speak it with the prism effect!

Let the splash of colours come from the super white colour! Pair a long white kurta with light toned pastel shade trousers and wrap up in full white with a scarf and a blazer over that to add the glam quotient. This look will definitely speak a lot about your style in just ONE colour and that is white. So keep it simple yet stylish!!

minimal is chic

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