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How to Pamper Your Locks in Summer

Pamper Your Locks in Summer


Love summer but hate what it does to your hair? You’re not alone! The heat can make for some pretty frizzy mane that refuses to be tamed. Fortunately, we have some instant advice to help!

Reduce Your Washes to Twice a Week

Sure, clean hair smells great but frequent washes will only strip yours of its natural oils and leave it dry and brittle. If possible, use shampoos with natural ingredients or bottle one yourself with in some easy steps:

Home Made Shampoo

Home Made Shampoo


Don’t Skip the Conditioner

Always condition your hair especially in summer. Apply just a pea-sized amount from the mid-length to the tips.

Home Made Conditionar


Use Shampoos with UV Protection

Just like with skin, sunlight can damage hair so it’s important to use shampoo that’s fortified with UV protection.


Try to Ditch the Blow-dry

Let your hair dry naturally as much as possible. If you do need to blow-dry it, set the heat on low.

Go for Regular Trimming Sessions

Split ends are unsightly no matter the season. Regular trims spaced a couple of months apart will keep your mane looking healthy.

Regular Trimming Session


Moisturise with a Hot Oil Rinse

Apply oil from the roots to the tips after shampooing, rinse, condition and rinse again. Your hair will feel soft and silky.

Oil Rinsing Benefits


Some Home remedies for a Shiny Mane:

Home Remedies for Hairs


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