Frequently Asked Questions

We created this styling service in order to give you free and instant access to fashion specialists who are trained for this. All you have to do is type in your queries, directly on our website or App and you will receive feedback from an expert. This feature is based on mutual trust that will rapidly evolve from the chat you have with the stylist. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need because, this way, Bienmode team will manage to put together the outfit of your dreams.

Once you’ve signed up and completed our style questionnaire, your stylist will introduce herself in your style timeline and schedule a complimentary style assessment. This assessment is a conversation between you and your stylist in which she’ll ask you questions about your style and lifestyle so together you can identify your unique goals for working with her. It’s the foundation of your relationship with your stylist, and it’s quick, easy, and—dare we say—fun.

As you work with your stylist season after season, your style assessment will become an ongoing, organic part of your styling experience. The more feedback and information you give your stylist, the better she’ll understand your tastes and preferences. And the better she understands your tastes and preferences, the better she’ll be able to design looks you’ll love and find the perfect pieces for you to add to your wardrobe.

The styling session is the next step you can and should take after consulting online with a specialist. It is a face-to-face meeting with a fashion expert that will help you build the perfect looks, customized after your body and preferences. We strongly recommend a styling session if you want to improve and develop a sense of style that fits you perfectly.

Bienmode brings you the best fashion service, Celebrity styling! For the big events when you need to stand apart from the crowd as it is a big day, you need not to worry about your look as our stylists will fix your look with no haste. Our stylists at Bienmode would do all the hustling, labour work and even the travelling just to style you and make you look your best with our ideas! Whether its styling for personal party, a magazine interview, a show to attend or any event, our service will let you have some people around you to discuss your style and then style you accordingly for the day. Our team members first learn about your taste, have discussions and then accordingly give you a few preferences that would fit you and your body type and would make you look smart and appealing. So the next time when you want to get all glamed up and have got no time, just call Bienmode! All you need to do is go to our website and fill the details, speak to our stylists and get STYLED!

The new feature for styling for commercial shoots, advertisements, music videos or even movies will let you hire a group of experts and professional stylists to style and create required looks for the shoots. Be it a music video or a short add, now you need not to hire designers, stylists and artists individually, as our team would do your complete look from top to bottom with their best fashion sense put in the creative direction and styling the looks. Our stylists will discuss and select the styles so that the chosen outfits are acceptable for the commercial footage. The styles chosen by the designers will be pecuilar and contemporary so that it looks authentic and appealing on the screen. Getting styled and styling for television, both are not easy tasks as it involves reaction by mass audience on what are you wearing and does it look good on the screen or not. So the next time you want to get styled for a shoot, just take an appointment at Bienmode!

In shoots for magazines and fashion stories, the styling cannot be done just by layering up but the styling need requires choosing the outfits and the garments according to the mood board and situations for which the outfits are to be worn. Shoots for editorials and fashion look books requires illustrating a whole story. This requires immensely talented stylists who can portray the idea of the story through their unique style of clothing! Stylists at Bienmode are talented and such professionals who can give your idea the wings to fly through styling your outfits in the same flow. Our stylists work efficiently by working hard on the model’s looks so as to convey the worthy story complimenting the picture with their magic of styling. Trust us and our experts will invest themselves in your idea as much as you are and will come out with perfection for sure. So create looks that are both contemporary and effortless, just at one click and hire stylists from Bienmode!

From choosing the unique wedding dress to styling your relatives, Bienmode’s wedding styling service will make your big day the most special day of your life. We offer service of wedding styling, where a group of stylists will do all the glam sham and styling for you and your family members at your wedding. Stylists will first discuss your taste and of course your dream wedding dresses that you dreamed of all your life and then accordingly, fitting your budget will pick few outfits and finalise the desired one for you. This service involves all the styling jobs, from listing the preferences to styling you at the final day talking care of your makeup and hair too. We also style some of your close family members and make them also all glittery for your special day! Thus for the most special day of your life choose us where we will meet with you and chat through your ideas and desires for wedding looks we will come out with unique and flashy dressing for every function at your wedding. Don’t lose that bridal smile of your face and just contact Bienmode!

Be it a corporate meeting, seminar, a ladies event or even a big show, there is no time left for styling and calling the team as individuals after preparing for the event. Minimize your tensions and don’t drain your thoughts wondering about who will style the talents? Bienmode team is here at the rescue when you need the expert stylists and hardworking team to manage the styling. We will provide you with the service to hire the stylists and the artists to style the performers for the show or any event. Styling for television shows, be it a reality show or a news broadcast involves work with precision and elegance so that the look is not overdone. Look has to be created keeping in mind the requirements of the sets, the scenes, the setting and the theme and this job of styling people as per the requirements is the biggest strength of the stylists at Bienmode! Our service of media styling will provide you with the team of stylists to style your people as per the requirements of your event; create the full look and feel, with proper mix of Lifestyle and fashion required.

Costume styling is the service where we wish to provide the media houses with our expert stylists to create and fix the costume styling part in the field of media styling! We work with the team to create the full concept of your shoot by fulfilling the styling requirements at our best for your program. Styling and designing the costumes for the character involves a lot of work put into the outfit to make the character look real on the screen. This tough job could only be left on trusted stylists and this is what we offer you at Bienmode. They have a well rounded understanding of fashion industry, designs and costume styling thus; they always come out with perfection. They would properly choose the outfits after discussing the character, its importance, and the scenes and after giving thoughts to every little detail and will come up with few styles so that you can choose from them. Our stylists will also be sourcing the props & other items and even work with the makeup artist and hair stylist so that everything goes smoothly with no problems.