Get a peek behind the curtain and see who is making the whole magic happen and that make the whole operation possible. So cheers to our wonderful team who are the real people behind all the smoke and mirrors!!!


Surbhi Singh, the one who owns all the thoughts and has been behind bringing them together and moulding them into one single name, BIENMODE!

Prashant Singh

The man behind the curtain! Prashant Singh is the person who shared his part in the master plan which stands as this big styling website today!

Kanika Choudhary

Fashion stylist
Kanika Choudhary, our fashion stylist who plucks the finest outfits and creates perfect look to bring something new every time into fashion fold.

Mansha Khurana

Senior Fashion stylist
Mansha, our stylist has her own love for casual and quirky street styling! Having work experiences from magazines to styling the celebrities.

Sushmita basak

Fashion stylist
The force behind the statement looks created for our clients, Sushmita Basak styles in a way which is her own kind of unique style!

Lakshita Sehgal

Fashion stylist
The one behind all the trendy looks and an amazing visualiser, Lakshita Sehgal is an NIFT pass out who always proposes new ideas as an effortless stylist!

Ritz Soni

Fashion stylist
The glam girl herself, aware of all new trends and ready to create a vogue! Ritz, the Mumbai girl is perfect in styling when it comes to do the work like a pro.

Vibhuti GUpta

Marketing head
Our marketing leader Vibhuti Gupta brings down the force of her innovation to our marketing ground. A talented woman with weapons of building relationships not just links!

Siddarth Rahut

Strategic Business manager
The man behind all the haste and hurry! Siddarth Rahut, our strategic business manager is the driving force to regulate team members from every department.

Harshit Suman

Graphic designer
Harshit suman is the man who creates the art behind the thoughts and ideas presented. Giving the message through painting of his thoughts created with a never drying paint.

suparna dhingra

digital marketing manager
Giving our users the superpowers to explore and create, Suparna Dhingra is the designer of the beautiful content that she creates out of her own visual style.